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Welcome to ChicagoNow, a network of blogs connecting passionate experts on a wide range of uniquely Chicago topics.

We’re glad you’re here–even though we’re still building the site.

Site developer Byrne Reese will add many features and functions in the weeks ahead, including a real homepage. (Yes, we’ll get to that mobile app, too.)

This post includes an image of the homepage prototype from designer Jason Santa Maria, so you can see where we are headed.

We will have our official launch in the summer.

Meantime, we’re
trying to keep it simple. Test out the site. Create a profile and
explore the more than 30 blogs we already have.

We’ll add new bloggers every week. Please send us your suggestions on topics and blogs.

if something doesn’t work. We might
know about the issue. We might not. We’re still working out the bugs.

a look at our community
. We believe the strongest community is the one that governs itself. We
don’t tell our bloggers what to write and we’re putting our faith in
the site’s users to police the comment boards and community posts.

And who are we?

You can find
out more about us and our daily adventures on our Staff

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  • Can't wait to see the updates, Bill.

  • Ditto.

  • Looking good, sir. Can't wait for more updates.

  • I know I'm late but I'm just now catching up. Want to say congrats on the launch and say thanks for letting me be a part of this. The homepage looks pretty awesome, can't wait.

  • I'm excited for what's to come in the next few months here at Chicago Now!

  • This is great! You guys need a blogger for the faith/religious scene. As I recall there are a heck of a lot of churches, mosques and synagogues in Chicago.

    Good luck with this venture!

  • I'm excited about the upcoming changes and wireframe structure!

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