Twelve hours later...

It was a big day for ChicagoNow as we held our breath this morning and took the password off the beta site.

We thought the response would be good–but in truth it was better
than we imagined. Even the criticism was good and will make us better.

Within minutes of the password coming off, several of our veteran bloggers announced
they were moving over to ChicagoNow–announcements they’ve been waiting
patiently to make for weeks. Other bloggers hit Twitter, encouraging
their followers to check out ChicagoNow.

Our peers at sites like Gapers Block, Windy Citizen and Chicagoist noted our new site as well. Moveable Type sent along a shout-out to our whiz of a developer, Byrne Reese. And we got our first and very generous review of ChicagoNow from one of the most respected thinkers in digital media.

The highlight of our day was hearing from you, our new readers. They
included several blog suggestions, notes about problems logging in to
the site and about not being able to comment on Bill’s post on the
front page. We quickly resolved the problems and added the blog
suggestions to our growing list of potential blogs for ChicagoNow.

Today’s blog suggestions included:


We want to thank you all for checking out the site today and appreciate any–and all–feedback you have for us. We hope you’ll be back often as we will be launching several more blogs and new features in the weeks ahead.

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  • Nice to see the ship set sail.

  • In reply to JamesJanega:

    Thanks,James. We so appreciated all of your advice as we built the site--and hope you'll be giving us lots of feedback in the coming weeks.

  • In reply to JamesJanega:

    Great job! This site looks great. I look forward to reading more and more and more and more.

  • In reply to JamesJanega:

    What are the possible outcomes of those blog suggestions? Possibly incorporating those specific ones into the site, just looking for subject ideas or...?

  • In reply to JamesJanega:

    Would also like to see a feature enabling us to get notified when someone else comments on a story we've commented on.

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