Community Guidelines: A start


See the above photo?

That’s how we picture the ChicagoNow community. A place where Chicagoans come together for many reasons and who get along despite their differences.

We’re starting with these community guidelines with the knowledge that we’ll improve them as we get more user feedback and better community tools:

  • We want ChicagoNow to reflect the diversity of our city. Be respectful of other opinions, even if it is from a Green Bay Packers fan lost in Da’ Bears Blog.
  • We want you to sign up for a profile and participate. We’re counting on you to post content and conduct yourself in a way that abides by the law, intellectual property rights and our Terms of Service.
  • We appreciate your participation and your contributions. You have the right to your own content. Our Terms of Service and business needs require some rights as well, but we believe you ultimately should retain the rights to the content you share with us. That also means you have the right to export your content. And if you delete your content, it’s deleted from our content system (though a cached version might linger in a search engine). If we like something you posted and want to publish it in the Chicago Tribune newspaper, we will contact you for permission.
  • We don’t edit what’s posted on the site, but our community managers are here to help make sure ChicagoNow is a place where we all can feel welcome and have a positive atmosphere of communication. Please let us know when that isn’t happening.We will respond to reports of abuse seriously.
  • We have asked our bloggers to be transparent and explain their possible conflicts of interests in their About pages and within posts. We want them to correct themselves when they are wrong and give credit where credit is due by linking.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our community guidelines, please e-mail us.

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