ChicagoNow settles into the groove

Two days out and things are looking great here at ChicagoNow

Our bloggers are doing a bang-up job, covering everything from yesterday’s
crushing Blackhawks defeat to Chicago’s parking meter meltdown to Chicago’s reaction
to Prop 8.
Our users are also having their say on the site: a thread
on Tuesday’s Cubs game
has 118 comments and counting.

The buzz about ChicagoNow also continues. On Wednesday Chicago
Reader’s Whet Moser 
chimed in and Poynter Institute’s Jim Romenesko linked to Mark Pott’s review of ChicagoNow, which continues to circulate on Twitter. To
summarize the reaction: “Interesting idea in
concept.” “Newspapers should have done this 5 years ago.” “Show
us the money.”

We hear you. We’re picking up speed at ChicagoNow. We will be launching several
more blogs within the next week, balancing out what some have called our
sports-heavy network. We’re also scouting out more blogs to host on ChicagoNow.
Suggestions you’ve sent us include:

We’re also pleased to announce a new blog today: Chicago Bar-Tender. Think of it as Chicago’s very own Smoking Gun, brought to you by journalist Marian Wang who will be nosing around Chicago’s courhouses. Read her opening statement for more details.

As always, we welcome your feedback–both here on the staff blog and via email.

See you around the site.

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  • YO! ditch your stingy RSS feeds. I don't read the Trib or the Sun Times proper because they do the same stupid crap. STINGY RSS FEEDS MUST DIE.

  • Congratulations on the launch!

    You will never forget this moment. In fact, I'd suggest you print off your first Staff Blog, have the entire staff sign it, frame it, and put it up on the wall - just like new stores do with the first dollar bill they get from a customer.

    Then, years from now, when ChicagoNow has taken over the world, you'll look at that framed blog, with a quick wink to your colleagues and a knowing laugh - thinking back to the moment it all began.

    Enjoy the journey!

    Take care,

  • My grandma also commented that the roster seemed sports-heavy. I assured her that more blogs are coming. No complaints from me, tho, since I'm already getting addicted to A League of Her Own.
    Aside from Frugalista, Grandma says she'll be reading Garage Sale Warrior. So will I!

  • Definitely agree that there is an overwhelming number of sports blogs. How many do we need? It's a turn-off for me personally.

    Do love the clever titles of all the blogs, especially the latest one--"Chicago Bar-Tender."

    Still would like to see a feature that notifies when someone has replied to our comment and/or commented on the same story after us. It will help increase discussion.

  • In reply to ShariWeiss:

    I like this suggestion. I was thinking of something similar to the "Recent Activity" feature on Flickr.

  • In reply to ShariWeiss:

    Just thought of something else. The recommend icon, would it be possible to make it a different color or have it do something like pulsate or glow if someone hasn't clicked it? I just realized that I've been using/exploring the site for a while and I don't think I've ever noticed it before.

  • In reply to ShariWeiss:

    I suggest

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