0.7.5 is now live!

Our developer, Byrne Reese, has been working hard this weekend to update the site and fix our nagging IE bugs. With a little help from our own Ryan Nagle, we’ve arrived at release 0.7.5. This release appears to address most of our IE6 and IE7 problems that were preventing users from logging in to the site. That’s a big win. It may mean we can finally remove the password protecting the site!

Fixes in 0.7.5

  • IE 7 login should now work
  • IE 6 sign-in should display and work
  • We’ve added the Outbrain recommendation widget to the bottom of posts. This allows users to recommend posts they like. Once Outbrain has seen a few recommendations, it can start recommending other posts on ChicagoNow to users. It’s a cool and very useful feature!
  • Users should now be able to upload userpics to their personal profiles

Known issues

  • Still a lot of little visual display issues across the different browsers

As always, you can report problems via our staff email, or enter your comments on this post.

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