Cubs fans never were 'long-suffering'

Please stop with the “long-suffering” pity. Cubs fans shared disappointments, but we were never lost.

From our first seconds as kids at Wrigley Field to the most recent warm, summer afternoons Chicago Cubs fans always remained loyal and optimistic. “Wait ’til next year” reflected our joy.

We bonded with parents, friends, children and others in our love for the Cubbies. There were no-hitters, walk-offs, homers and drama that is baseball. We collected memories.

Wrigley Field

Wrigley Field

We are blessed to live in great cities, in the greatest country, and in the best time in human history. The luxury of peace and relative prosperity offered opportunities to “take the afternoon off.” It was “a beautiful day for a ballgame.”

A hot dog. “Hey, hey!” A beer. “Oh, for a long ball.” An ice cream. “Yes!” A smile, and a song. “Go, Cubs go!”

The 2016 Chicago Cubs brought into focus what was missing in 1969, 1984 and 2003. We simply were not deep enough and good enough in those years, but the joys of even those years outweighed the result.

We were lucky to meet Ernie Banks, see Ron Santo kick his heels, watch Billy Williams swing for the fences.

After graduation from Lake Park High School in Roselle 40 years ago, I was optimistic. The Cubs would win sometime, maybe even soon. Four decades is a long time to wait, but October 22, 2016 was the day.

The Cubs have some unfinished business. They need four more wins before we #FlyTheW — there will be no suffering, just the best four out of seven games. The best team will win, and life will go on for the other team and fans. Embrace the moment. Live the dream.

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