Mr. Trump has a problem

Trump Tower

Mr. Trump has a problem.

Donald Trump’s most recent problem came in South Carolina. He appeared to mock a news reporter’s disability.

Some say Trump’s largest problem is with women, as he is far from being a Bush “compassionate conservative.” His positions on immigration make this clear.

My liberal friends, of course, use words like dick, senile, vile and worse to describe Trump’s behavior on the campaign trail. Likewise, most journalists do not say nice words. MSNBC asks, does Trump have a truth problem? Even many GOP strategists suggest the only plan is to hope Trump support soon fades.

Thanksgiving Parade

Although Trump appears to be a front-runner, pollsters seem to agree that it is too early to suggest that The Donald has a lock on the nomination. If the presidential campaign were a baseball season, Thanksgiving would be the All-Star break. No playoff spots have been secured. No divisions have been won.


Snow is falling in Iowa, which means every move in the next few weeks will take on greater importance.

In this sense, time is Mr. Trump’s problem. Enough time remains to expose the many weaknesses of a wealthy, arrogant developer and television star. At Trump’s hotel and tower in Chicago, my guess is that he receives few difficult questions. The Trump empire is marked by media management and control. The wealthy usually live life in a bubble, but fear and loathing on the campaign trail is filled with needles and pricks.

The telephones ring asking, “If the election were held today,” but it is not. Time gives voters days and weeks to reflect and explore options in light of critical media reports.

Still, the Trump problem may not end in defeat. No other GOP candidate — Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Jeb Bush — has mounted a serious challenge. We have not seen this type of celebrity-based campaign appeal since Ronald Reagan.

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