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The Lorax and The Hunger Games Hit Chicago: How these Books and Movies Promote Good Parenting, Enhance Child Development, and Support Family Connections

The month of March was ushered in by the Lorax and takes its leave with the Hunger Games. These two books, turned movies, are capturing the attention of children and teens across Chicago. Kids are excited and they are talking about it. The Lorax, with its vibrant colors, bold animation, and lovable characters (so fitting... Read more »

Holiday Shopping in Chicago: Toys that Promote Child Development

With the holidays fast approaching, Chicago parents often wonder what the best toys are for children to help promote their development.  Nowadays, stores offer a range of computerized and electronic toys, games and gadgets as well as educational videos and interactive books for children. While some of these items can enhance learning, there are a... Read more »

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?
Summer is finally here! People are out and Chicago is bustling. For some Chicago parents, summer is exciting because the kids are out of school; for others, it is overwhelming for this very same reason. Whatever your stance, summer also tends to be a time when parents contemplate their relationships with their children, especially those... Read more »


Relationships can be a mind numbingly incredulous affair on a normal day. How do you define/fix your problems, with relationships, when the answer is a liminal blip on your subconsciousness? Abandonment Issues not withstanding, the answer is simple. “The apple never falls far from the tree” Though an Adopted individual may never realize it, they... Read more »

Nature vs Nurture

Recently I read an article where an adopted person wondered if they would feel a different kind of love, if they met/were around, someone biologically related to them. In my years on this Earth, I’ve thought about this topic about half a billion times. Wondering just what emotional differences I would feel, if I was... Read more »