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20 Self-Pic Photoshop Disasters

Between MySpace angles and Photoshop, girls on the Internet think they can get away with anything. Bigger boobs? Go for it. Slimmer tummy and thighs? Check. No one will notice, right? WRONG. Here are 20 of the biggest self-pic Photoshop fails we could find.

20 Awesome CAPTCHA Comics (Somewhat NSFW)

Ah, the CAPTCHA. In simple terms, a CAPTCHA is a way to tell humans apart from computers. You’ve seen these distorted phrases on registration pages, blog commenting areas, and other websites trying to hide from spam. Sometimes CAPTCHAs can be ridiculous, even for a human to decipher, but we came across one site trying to... Read more »

28 Instances of Grammar Nazi Intervention

The world would be amiss if it weren’t for the much-hated, always outspoken Grammar Nazi. Entire offices would run amok, restaurants would try to sell children, and apartment buildings would likely erupt into violence on a weekly basis — all because bad grammar was allowed to stand uncorrected. Here are 28 of the greatest examples... Read more »