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How to play a Halloween computer prank

I love a good prank, and this one has some serious potential.* How To Play a Halloween Computer PrankUploaded by Howcast. – Discover more college videos. This is mean. But it’s also funny and easily reversible! And, funny and easily undone trumps mean any day. *If you do this prank to a writer on deadline,... Read more »

Send Your Costume Fails and Favorites

Hey Chicagoans, over the next few days you’re going to see all sorts of costumes, both awesome (see left) and failures (as on the right. We want to see them. Email us any costume photos you take and we’ll post them in our ChicagoNow photo gallery.

Halloween cocktails, anyone?

Photo/MarthaStewart.com Gross-out factorRecipeZaar is serving up a user-generated list of Halloween and otherwise creepy cocktails including “sewer water” (yick!), “mold” (ew!), “broken leg” (ow!), and the “black cat” (black vodka? Why not?). While Martha Stewart offers some Halloween-party-riffic drink recipes on her website such as the green kiwi cocktails served in chemistry flasks. Fret not:... Read more »