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25 Unfortunate Halloween Costumes Spotted in the Wild

Halloween brings out the best — and the worst — in people. These are the 25 worst, most unfortunate, or most inappropriate costumes we could find from the past few years. We hope we don’t see any of these this year.

How to play a Halloween computer prank

I love a good prank, and this one has some serious potential.* How To Play a Halloween Computer PrankUploaded by Howcast. – Discover more college videos. This is mean. But it’s also funny and easily reversible! And, funny and easily undone trumps mean any day. *If you do this prank to a writer on deadline,... Read more »

The Week in Review

In the spirit of Halloween… We asked you to send in your “Costume Fails and Favorites” from the weekend, so make sure to take pictures and send them to us… Still haven’t decided what you’ll be sporting on Saturday night? Curt Wagner of Show Patrol and Carey Kirby of Frugalista both shared costume ideas worthy... Read more »