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Parenting Tips: The Decision to Parent in the City

If you are a parent raising a child in Chicago, a soon-to-be parent or even considering having children, you have probably gotten a lot of advice from family and friends about parenting in the city. Some may suggest that you get a different, likely larger, place to live, move to a new location, potentially outside... Read more »

The Lorax and The Hunger Games Hit Chicago: How these Books and Movies Promote Good Parenting, Enhance Child Development, and Support Family Connections

The month of March was ushered in by the Lorax and takes its leave with the Hunger Games. These two books, turned movies, are capturing the attention of children and teens across Chicago. Kids are excited and they are talking about it. The Lorax, with its vibrant colors, bold animation, and lovable characters (so fitting... Read more »

Holiday Shopping in Chicago: Toys that Promote Child Development

With the holidays fast approaching, Chicago parents often wonder what the best toys are for children to help promote their development.  Nowadays, stores offer a range of computerized and electronic toys, games and gadgets as well as educational videos and interactive books for children. While some of these items can enhance learning, there are a... Read more »

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?

Summer in the City - Where's My Kid?
Summer is finally here! People are out and Chicago is bustling. For some Chicago parents, summer is exciting because the kids are out of school; for others, it is overwhelming for this very same reason. Whatever your stance, summer also tends to be a time when parents contemplate their relationships with their children, especially those... Read more »

Is Chicago a Good Place to Raise Children?

This post was inspired by a recent article entitled, Is NYC a Good Place to Raise Children? — Laura Houston, Motherhood Later….than Sooner. Parents often wonder if it is a good idea to raise children in the city, and they get their share of opinions from family and friends. As Laura points out, this decision... Read more »

A Simple Goldfish: More Than Just a Living Arrangement

Pets are hard work and a responsibility that should be taken seriously. The good news is that a simple goldfish might be all that you need. Upon inspection of the many varieties, you’ll soon realize that not all goldfish are created equal. After all, you don’t have to buy a “gold” goldfish. If you prefer,... Read more »

23 Things that Irrationally and Hilariously Terrify Children

The blank staring eyes and clunky, jerky movements of these things are like a nightmare come to life.
As kids, most of the things we were all afraid of were imaginary or completely harmless. The fact that there was no rational reason to be terrified of these things didn’t matter, we were still petrified. As adults, it can be absolutely hilarious to see children temporarily startled by something for absolutely no reason. We’re... Read more »