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25 Unfortunate Halloween Costumes Spotted in the Wild

Halloween brings out the best — and the worst — in people. These are the 25 worst, most unfortunate, or most inappropriate costumes we could find from the past few years. We hope we don’t see any of these this year.

12 Strange and Bizarre Sex Toys (A Little Bit NSFW)

People get their jollies in more ways than we can count, and it’s led to the creation of some interesting, erm, objects of pleasure. We’ve scoured the Internet for some of the strangest and most unique sex toys — here are twelve we could get away with posting.

20 Awesome CAPTCHA Comics (Somewhat NSFW)

Ah, the CAPTCHA. In simple terms, a CAPTCHA is a way to tell humans apart from computers. You’ve seen these distorted phrases on registration pages, blog commenting areas, and other websites trying to hide from spam. Sometimes CAPTCHAs can be ridiculous, even for a human to decipher, but we came across one site trying to... Read more »

20 Creepy Beauty Pageant Kids

Beauty pageants used to be exclusive to grown women, but somewhere along the line, somebody had the bright idea to include little girls, too. In the early days, child beauty pageants were innocent, only requiring a simple silk hair bow and an age-appropriate party dress to compete. These days, little pageant girls are forced to... Read more »

28 Instances of Grammar Nazi Intervention

The world would be amiss if it weren’t for the much-hated, always outspoken Grammar Nazi. Entire offices would run amok, restaurants would try to sell children, and apartment buildings would likely erupt into violence on a weekly basis — all because bad grammar was allowed to stand uncorrected. Here are 28 of the greatest examples... Read more »

22 Common Southern Mispronunciations

I’m from the south, and don’t mind making fun of it. The people are nice, usually polite and very laid-back for the most part. But… sometimes they get a little lazy while they’re talking. Although southern accents can be quite charming, they can also sound like a foreign language at times if you are not... Read more »

15 Crazy Car Air Conditioners

Is it hot enough for you? These drivers obviously weren’t satisfied with the performance (or, more likely, non-performance) of their vehicles’ air conditioners, so they have fitted them with residential window unit ACs. When we saw the first of these, we thought it was just one weirdo, but to our surprise this seems to be... Read more »

25 Wrecked Exotic Cars (and Egos)

Exotic cars aren’t your typical luxury ride, and they’re certainly not the standard Chevy Mustang. They’re prized possessions, technologically and aesthetically refined to the point that they become objects of desire for the masses, whether they can ever hope to afford one or not. There are people who can afford exotic cars, but some of... Read more »

20 of the Weirdest Baby Products

There have been more ridiculous, inane, and useless baby products over the decades than we could ever hope to count, but here we tried to find more recent examples of the phenomenon. These are the 20 weirdest baby products out there today, and while some are tempting, you should probably stop and consider what you’re... Read more »

55 Ultimate Parking Lot Jerks

55 Ultimate Parking Lot Jerks
Anybody who’s ever driven has experienced the parking-lot asshole. He’s the guy who parks his $40,000 car like it cost him $4,000,000. He’s the guy who rams his Dodge Neon into the 5 feet of space left to the side of your well-parked car. Everyone hates a parking-lot asshole, and these are 55 examples of... Read more »