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Oh Only in Chicago

What would make one interested in Chicago?The architecture, the food, the people? There are so many things that characterize a city, but so few that are strictly linked to it.Chicago, everyone knows it’s the Windy City, what is there other than that? The architecture is surely impressive and is worthy being seen. One of the... Read more »

Chicago tours. Are they still just for the fanny-packing tourist?

  One of the delicious food stops on the tour..yummm     Sure Chicago has a lot of tours offered.  From boat, to land, to sea, you can visit famous Chicago landmarks every day.  I thought they were just for visiting tourists, until one unique tour took me by surprise!  It’s called Chicago Food Planet... Read more »

Going local:Metropolis Coffee Company

Going local:Metropolis Coffee Company
Credit:Metropolis Coffee Company How fortunate are we to be able to dodge the cookie cutter Starbucks in the ‘burbs in exchange for some great,local coffee spots throughout the city. One of my favorites is Metropolis Coffee Company. This coffeehouse is happening Sunday through Saturday at any time of the day. The place is full of... Read more »

What Else Is There?

Restaurant, movies…Movies, restaurant…Is that all that is left out of the “dating scenery”? Let’s add some spiciness to dating. Literally. There is local cuisine restaurant but across the street there is one with foreign flavors and why not? Try some Turkish kebabs at Istanbul Restaurant or French frog legs at Mon Ami Gabi or Moroccan... Read more »

Delicatessen in Downtown Lemont

Located on Canal Street two blocks south of Main Street in historic downtown Lemont, Sweetwater Deli is a family-owned market and delicatessen that offers a broad selection of fresh, high quality items, including breads and produce, as well as giardineras, oils, sauces and more. Our deli is stocked with a delicious assortment of luncheon meats,... Read more »

Where the dating energy spikes

Though the answer to the question, where to find a date on the weekend? Won’t be too fascinating, it will still be clubs and bars. It remains to be one of the most popular places to find a date, even in this era of technological progress. Too bad the ghost tracking devices from the movie... Read more »

Where to find fine teas at posh restaurants in the 312

For tea aficionados, there’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that a nice restaurant doesn’t serve tea. And the next worse thing is when the server brings out a little teapot of water, a cup and saucer, and the ubiquitous tea bag box presented like a coveted award, the bags arranged by bright color. Bleh. $4 for a tea... Read more »

8 Chinese restaurants to welcome in the Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit lucky money envelopes If you’re like me and missed the Chinese New Year parade last weekend, fret not. Chicago has a slew of fun Chinese restaurants in which to usher in the Year of the Rabbit. Here are my top 8 (which is a lucky number in China and means you’ll... Read more »

20 Creepy Fruits and Vegetables

We often think of fruits and vegetables as healthy, smart choices for a balanced diet, but what if we imagined something else? What if we imagined produce as sinister, conniving things waiting for the next chance to off you? What if we saw our fruit as potential victims? Here are 20 evil, murderous, or disturbingly well-anthropomorphized fruits... Read more »

15 Desserts that Could Replace the Trendy Cupcake

We love cupcakes, but why should we let them hog the stage when there are so many other amazing — and often times tastier — desserts out there? Well, it’s about time that something else stomps the hugely trendy cupcake, and we have 15 tasty options lined up for you.