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Design Tips by Adorn Design Group

Accessorize Like a Pro! Everyone likes being surrounded by things that they love. The accessories you choose to complement your home furnishings can personalize your space and bring it to life and you don’t need an interior design degree to get great-looking results! Check out these tips for adding color, texture and dimension to your... Read more »

Pucker up those Pouters

Wouldn’t you want to kiss these lips? Finally! A reason (besides social decency) to get up that 20 mins early and apply some make-up.   So, honestly I am the worst chronic alarm clock snoozer there is. I will snooze until my cats are literally clawing my eyeballs out for food…ok…that’s a little exaggerated, but... Read more »

Got Beer? Go ahead mom drink up

Feed me..Feed me.. FEED MEEE   To be known in no way am I endorsing alcohol to pregnant moms or babies…Ok, now with that being said lets begin.   Recent studies have shown some beer in moderation not only will help tired moms relax which will help their blood flow, but an active ingredient found in beer... Read more »

How to play a Halloween computer prank

I love a good prank, and this one has some serious potential.* How To Play a Halloween Computer PrankUploaded by Howcast. – Discover more college videos. This is mean. But it’s also funny and easily reversible! And, funny and easily undone trumps mean any day. *If you do this prank to a writer on deadline,... Read more »

Movember campaign

It’s almost Movember! That’s no typo. Movember is an annual, month-long celebration of facial hair to raise awareness of men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer. Check this out: A Movember participant, a “Mo Bro”, starts clean shaven and proceeds to let it grow all month, while collecting donations from friends and family. Want... Read more »

The claw game as a life outlook metaphor

I’m telling you, folks, more of this outside-the-box thinking is exactly what we need* in this world when it comes to solving problems and meeting our goals. The child is a innovator, I’m telling you! An innovator! See for yourselves: *If you, your child, your pet, your fraternity brother, your grandmother or anyone else gets... Read more »

How to, um, throw a knife (and other impressive skills!)

I’m a sucker for a good how-to post. Especially when said how-to is for something  I’m not likely to ever need yet, somehow, get a kick out of knowing I could do if I felt so inclined. So imagine my delight when I saw Likehacker’s tutorial on how to throw a knife! That, of course,... Read more »

Luxe facile: Vanilla sugar

In a recent entry on our Prairie Chefs blog, Sarah Stegner paid tribute to the memory of Tribune food columnist Abby Mandel through sharing her special recipe for blueberry-lemon Bundt cake. Well, Bundt cake very well might be one of me very favorite cake-things, so it’s a safe bet that I’ll be baking Mandel’s recipe... Read more »