Can warring mutants, un-potty-trained babies, stars, and earthworms all co-exist?  Yes, but not in the same place.  They are not supported by the same environments and sustenance.  Warring mutants need each other, a battle, and a reason to fight.  Un-potty-trained babies need diapers, an impatient parent, and grade school looming.  Stars need the outer space and room to grow or fade.  Earthworms need the dirt and rain.  If warring mutants had diapers and an impatient parent, they wouldn’t be what they are.  Warring mutants vibrate at ferocity. (focus at the legs)  Warring mutants with diapers and impatient parents vibrate at confusion and henpecked.  (focus at the butt and chest)  Stars shouldn’t and can’t live where earthworms live – they die and make craters.  Earthworms can’t live where stars live – they dry up and die, and so does their soul, because they weren’t meant to be in outer space.

Frequency is a thing’s level of viable existence.  If its Frequency is strong, it has the sustenance and adversity it needs to be healthy.  If its Frequency is low, it is either not sustained, or faces too much adversity to thrive.  Frequency in the outer environment means the range for what can viably exist.  A broad Frequency can house many things.  A narrow Frequency is limited and stringent.  Multiple Frequencies can be set up in an environment that are connected or not.  The things they house may never meet at all based on the environmental Frequency, or they might meet based on the variability of their own Frequency.

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