Why Should I Attend My Condo Association Meetings?

Once you’ve purchased a Chicago luxury condo, you’ll want to
attend your condo association meetings. But why you ask? We all have very busy
schedules, and finding time to attend our condo meetings is usually not top
priority. While this may not seem like the most exciting way to spend your
Wednesday evening, attending these meetings can be extremely beneficial. They
help decide social and financial futures of condo associations, address issues
dealing with common areas, and promote an overall sense of community within the
condo.  And, very simply, if you do not
attend, you will not have much say in what happens.  


Voice Concerns

A condo will
sometimes have areas in need of attention, and those who show up at the meetings
are likely to help decide what gets repaired. The old adage “half of winning is
showing up” applies well, as the meetings are your best option for voicing your
opinion as to what needs to be improved. Enhance your living experience by
contributing your ideas on how to improve your condo.  Whether the suggestions affect individual or
communal areas, spreading awareness will most certainly evoke more interest
than not saying anything at all.


Get Involved

Most condominiums have common areas, which host condo-wide
events. Generally, these events are decided upon by the board at condo
association meetings, and the only way to be truly involved is to offer your
ideas and opinions. If you’re getting sick of ice cream socials and would
rather mix it up with a community cooking class, attend a meeting and share
your ideas. Enhance the condo environment by offering events that will engage
more tenants.  From running clubs to
Super Bowl parties, inspire your condo association to build a strong community.


Stay Informed

If nothing else, condo association meetings are a great
way to stay informed of the happenings around the building. If you want to get
involved more with the board itself or simply want to know the upcoming
schedule of events, attending the meetings is the surest way to do so.


Run for Office

If you’re passionate about your condo, consider a more
permanent and influential role in the condo association.  Running for a position on the board of directors
may be an option that can further your involvement.  If you have great ideas but are concerned
about how to get more people involved, consult the following list to increase

  • Welcome Home-When a new tenant moves in, prepare a Welcome Packet
    that introduces the area and amenities, offers an opportunity to meet
    fellow tenants, and promotes ways to get involved.
  • Make Meetings More Appealing- The last thing people want to do
    when they get home from work is to sit in another boring meeting.  Spice things up by using visuals to
    present different agenda points, offering snacks and refreshments, and sponsoring
    contests for participants to win gift certificates and other prizes.
  • Send Out Surveys– Let tenants know you’re interested in their
    opinions.  Send out surveys that
    allow people to anonymously comment on different aspects of their condo
    experience.  Some tenants may be
    hesitant to share their views at a condo meeting, especially if they’ve
    never attended one.  Gather the
    results, pick popular topics, and let people know which issues you’ll be
    addressing in the next meeting. 

Dedicating an hour of your time every month to attend a
condo association meeting is a small sacrifice compared to all the benefits of
participating in one.  So get involved
and start making decisions! 


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  • Another reason to attend condo-owner meetings is to see what your rights and liabilities are in regard to a rental of your condo.

    Realize, and most condo owners do not, that if you rent out your condo to a tenant you are subject to the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance ("RLTO"). Your association should provide you with COMPLETE information and education as to your rights and LIABILITIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES if you do rent your condo.

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