No one talks about the technology of religion without stuffing you full of antiquated he said, she said.  How do you make new things that never were?  How do you find perfect functioning in an emergency and not fold?  What are the rules of accountability – what will you pay for?

Miracles are the manifestation of transcendent power into an object, event, or individual to fill a positive need or prayer.  It is an operating system that analytically is impossible.  But when you have a need or a problem that is beyond your capacity to fill or fix.  You can request a solution from that which is the highest integrity and healing for all involved.  Requests will almost always be filled unless you are in conflict, or if you were meant to have the experience you are trying to get out of.  How are the requests filled?  It is the mystery and power of faith.  It is managed, co-created or Lorded over by NO ONE.  If the request is strong, sincere and without a duality backlash, it will be heard and acted upon.  If the request includes the best for all things, or all involved, it will find a better solution than the one that says I desperately need a solution, but I hate my neighbor.  Care about all things, and the positive in all things will meet. Get yourself out of the way of determining how it should happen.  In the long term, people of faith learn to listen and find their cues.  Practice miracles when it is important, and not.

There is Balance in all things, and those things that are mis-aligned are compensated for.  You may have pulled one over on your neighbor, but you have enemies that know where you live and how you operate.  Understand that just because one person doesn’t see your rudeness, doesn’t mean life has not compensated and taken away your freedom.  Be decent to all.  It does matter.


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