Best Questions to Ask When Looking For an Apartment

Best Questions to Ask When Looking For an Apartment


Buying or renting a new home can be one of the most
exciting, opportunistic times of your life, but it can also be a most
frustrating and overwhelming experience. 
If you are looking to rent apartments in
, it is vital to know what exactly you’re getting for your money.

Here is a list of some
of the most important questions to ask when considering a new home:


will my new neighborhood have to offer?
Living in a city gives you
impressive opportunities to discover, indulge and appreciate an array of
museums, restaurants, parks, entertainment venues and various nightlife
activities. When you live somewhere, your home is not necessarily within the
confines of those four cozy walls; your home extends out the door and into the
neighborhood. Exploring that area allows you to cater to your lifestyle needs
and desires and encourages you to become a part of the dynamic city you live in.  Some condo developments even offer a
campus-like environment with grocery shopping, daycare, and restaurants just a
few yards from your lobby. 


2.     What type of amenities will my new
apartment complex have?


Pool / Spa:
A swimming pool or spa is a great way to relax after a
stressful day at work or to just stay in shape. 
Many luxury condominium developments offer a recreational pool as well
as a lap pool to accommodate both needs. 

Entertainment Area:
During those beautiful, warm summer nights, an outdoor
entertainment area is the perfect destination for a social gathering.  Outdoor settings have the ability and
flexibility to host a wide spectrum of events — plan your own opulent cocktail
party or go simple with a home-style backyard BBQ.  This type of space is often styled and
equipped with a barbeque grill, outdoor furniture, heat lamps, and sometimes
even a hot tub: amenities perfect for any party.

Media rooms are stylishly
designed luxury living rooms built in a common area large enough to meet
neighbors, entertain guests or throw a private party.  This lounge-like space is typically equipped
with state-of-the-art flat-screen TVs, a surround sound media system, pool
tables and sometimes a bar or kitchen.

Deck / Garden:
Rooftop decks and gardens are perfect for social gatherings,
catching up with an old friend or simply cozying up with a good book.  Often times, these fabulous additions are
screened in and heated during the winter, so you can enjoy a bit of the outdoors
without the bitter cold.

Balconies / Views:
One of the highlights of living in a city is the epic
view surrounding your home.  Having a
personal balcony allows you to invite some friends over and relax in the
privacy of your own home, while still experiencing the magnificent city around

Building Staff:
There’s nothing more comforting than feeling secure and
well taken care of in your home.  Does
the building have a friendly staff and front desk service?  Knowing that there are people present and
willing to answer your questions and relieve your concerns is truly an
invaluable commodity.

Parking in a city can be outrageously expensive.  If you own a car searching for buildings that
offer parking garages or lots can save you time, money and stress. Even with a
potential fee, it is obvious that the benefits will outweigh the costs.  Guaranteeing a safe environment for your
vehicle, while saving money by avoiding expensive street parking and potential
tickets, is an amenity you won’t want to be without.

Gym /
Health Club:
Staying in shape can be an expensive feat that sometimes
leaves us unmotivated. However, having a personal gym in your building not only
eliminates that extra cost from your life, but it also gives you the easy
proximity that can encourage you to maintain your workout routine, especially
during those cold, winter months.

A full service concierge is a luxury amenity that many tenants
rely on to help structure and maintain their busy schedules.  If you lead a lifestyle where working and
traveling eat up the majority of your time, a concierge service may be
extremely beneficial to help ease the load of daily tasks such as grocery shopping,
running small errands, watering your plants and walking your pet.

Social clubs and events are a perfect way to meet new friends in
your building while simultaneously piquing your interests and intellects. With
an entire spectrum of activities, such as holiday parties, book clubs,
workout/running groups and movie nights, it’s easy and exciting to embrace your
community and fully immerse yourself in a luxury lifestyle.

Another great addition to any condo or apartment is a storage
facility.  This is something that can be
useful to any tenant as a place to safely manage extra furniture from a
previous apartment, moving boxes, seasonal wardrobes and bicycles.  Having access to this type of facility within
your condo or apartment building not only eradicates hefty storage unit fees,
but it also allows you to have close, easy access to your personal belongings.


are the ins-and-outs of the lease?
Taking the time to sit down and properly
read through the lease could save you a lot of stress and trouble in the
future.  Before you settle into a new
place, make a list of all the living requirements that are important to you;
once you begin condo or apartment hunting, you can refer to your list and see
what can be compromised and what’s necessary. 
One of the best examples is whether or not the lease allows pets.  If you are planning to adopt a furry friend
(or maybe you already have one), you don’t want to later find out the terms are
part of a non-negotiable lease agreement. 


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