I made a recent observations that all mom’s need to go to therapy. 

Now don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mean that in a negative way at all.  I myself have been to counseling and loved it! It’s amazing, even if your only there, paying someone to talk about you for a whole hour its worth it.

Think back on your day, how many of your thoughts or conversations are really just about you? Some days there are admittedly more than others. But often for several days on end no one will even ask about you and then REALLY listen to your answer.

I often am having a conversation about something while thinking about someone else. Constantly on to the next topic and thought about who goes where and when. Did this happen for that thing.

And even if your married to an amazing man, like Eric Spatz sometimes you get over looked as does he, I swear that we will have a full conversation, make a plan only to have to have the same conversation again. Usually because “one” of us- we all know which “one”- wasn’t listening.

And forget ever having your children ever really hear you until they are maybe in their mid-twenties. Thats when my parents were finally heard by me. I am usually sick of the sound of my own voice by the time bed time comes around. I have repeated the same four phrases all day.

 Sometimes just for fun I change what I say from the usual to the completely ridiculous. So instead of saying “Please stop hitting your sister’s toy.” I’ll say “Is it your goal today to drive me as close to the edge of insanity without pushing me over?”

Spending time talking about your deepest thoughts with someone who has no where to go and has no opinion on the topic your chatting about it so freeing. Even chatting about you most shallow of thoughts is freeing. Who said what to who or what so and so was wearing at church are all good topics to discuss.

 Because no one will ever know …. Patient confidentiality-perfect!

So if we are willing to pay for manicures, pedicures, massages, lattes and facials why not pay some one to hear you, really hear you. It will be the best hour you ever spent on yourself!


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