It's Here !

A miracle has occurred. Its like a Christmas and Hanukkah miracle all rolled in to one great big miracle!

My mom, who deeply loves me,clearly, bought me the greatest gift she has ever given me, besides life.

A bullhorn!  It has a siren, can be heard up to 800 feet and has very annoying music which will drive you nuts if you use it on someone.

Oh yeah, that’s right she bought and sent me a bullhorn. Best gift EVER!

Eric is not as excited about this wonder of wonders. He clearly doesn’t know a miracle when he see’s one. Maybe he should “hear” one.  I should wake him up one morning with the bullhorn, then he will know how wonderful it is!

The first time I got to use the bullhorn at the beach I must admit I was a little nervous. I mean it is one thing to use it in your own home or yard. To use it, in a public place where it may disrupt others is another ball game entirely.

I still brought it though believing that it would in fact help me keep the kids safe.

When once we get settled at the beach and the kids ran off to play, four kids four different directions, one me.

I am trying to keep on eye all of them, I notice that two of the kids are down by the water throwing sand. 

I am a little ways back watching the youngest play and as I start to stand to go tell them to stop throwing sand I remember I have the “bullhorn of authority.” Why get up? Why yell?

I reach down into my beach bag and pull out the “bullhorn of authority” and calmly say “please stop throwing sand.” And what happens, they stop. Not only do they stop, but all the mom’s sitting around me start to applaud me! I even got a standing ovation!

I was able to keep track of all the kids with no problems if they drifted out to sea a bit to far, I was able to call them back. If one wander down the beach to far out of my reach, I was able to summon them back without leaving the other three.

I have been to the beach several times now with the “bullhorn of authority” and have loved each trip with it. I have yet to receive a nasty stare or ugly comment, I am sure there will be some. So far, all other beach goers have loved and applauded my beloved “bullhorn of authority”.

Now if only I could get Eric to see the miracle and love it as much as I do.

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