LOCATED:  1½ inch from the base of spine angled to masculine and feminine parts
COLORS: Reddish peach to dark red rust
DENOTES: Focus, concentration, comfort, restlessness, pleasure 
CORRESPONDING CENTER: Jaw and for communication and kissing

This area is not generally talked about as a separate center, but it certainly demands its own attention.  This denotes the masculine focus of pushing outer, or the feminine concentration of receiving inward.  Just talking about it you are on pins and needles regarding the morality of what you can say.  And as a Center, it is the powder keg that needs far more research as to what is healthy.  In society, the best role model for sexuality is to protect it until the individual is old enough to deal with the complex thoughts, emotions, and ramifications that accompany it.  People are encouraged to keep their focus on the interests of the full being, rather than get caught up in a sexual tangent that is dangerous.  This security builds up to be the basis of support for the agendas of the full being, and the firepower of healthy desire.

Another Day.  Thad Self and Samantha Self were talking.  

Samantha Self had rung the bell at Thad Self’s house. And fortunately he answered, because she was anxious.  Thad Self looked curious, but not anxious.  Samantha Self said, “Do you have time to talk in the park?”  Thad Self said, “Yes I have a couple hours.” 

And now, in the park, she asked him, “What do you like to do?” “Let’s see, I like to play video games.  I watch TV a lot.  I love action and horror movies.”   Samantha Psyche said, “I can’t watch the gory ones, they make me nauseous. Why do you like them?”  Thad Soul and Conscious Awareness said, “They say what the world is like.   It is cruel and everyone is out for themselves.”  Samantha Self said, “I don’t think so.  People are basically fine, they just need to get educated, and fine tune their self-defenses.  People are mostly funny, they can’t see their own problems.  They see every one else’s.”  Thad Self said, “People are not nice.  They steal your stuff and opportunities.”  Samantha Self said, “I think when people fall in love, or like, that decency spreads to most parts of their lives.  We just need everyone to fall in love.”  Thad Self said, “That I get.”


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