LOCATED:  Base of the back, just above the butt.
COLORS:  Pinks to Reds to Dark Burgundy
DENOTES:  Blood, circulation, animal strength, legs, movement, family ties, tribe
CORRESPONDING CENTER: Instincts, Heart, Lungs to circulate the blood and heal the body

What am I based on… How many lives have I had before this one… Who are my parents and where are they from… What do they believe is important… What do they value… What do I believe in the depths of me… What do I value when there is a crisis?

When I am synchronicity in motion, what am I moving on… What goes well for me… What do I have to work for… When do I face the most resistance and why?

On what is my security based… What is of danger to me… When I have an emergency, who can I contact… Who or what is there in times of need… Who have I helped that reciprocates… Who can I talk to and trust… Who holds the strength and cares about more than themselves… How and when do I hold strength and contribute to society?

All parts of Samantha Self were at odds.  Her mother said, “You really need to put all of you together to pay attention the same way.  You will be going to school in a couple years, and you will look really stupid if all of you can’t focus the same direction.”  Conscious Awareness said, “There are a lot of things to figure out, and most of them aren’t from here.”  Her mother said, “All parts but one have to pay attention to learn or they will miss the opportunity and stay stupid.  Body is the one who should pay attention to what is needed – sitting, standing, writing and going to the bathroom.  Everyone else has to follow directions and accomplish the work required.  I mean it.”  Samantha Self said, “Okay, I will practice focusing.  Tell me what to do.”  Her mother said, “Go walk the steps in the hall, down then up.”  She did.  Here mother said, “You tripped because you are not used to working in unison with yourself.  Let’s try talking.  What is your name?”  “SSamantha,” she said.  Her mother said, “See you are hesitant because you have 4 or 5 parts each answering for themselves.  You need 2 or 3 parts that are forceful saying Samantha strongly.  Samantha Self said, “Okay ask me more, we don’t talk, so I don’t have practice.”  Her mother said, “What are your favorite colors?”  Samantha Self said, “Blue, then Red…”  Her mother said, “Blue and Red is fine, don’t poll everyone, just answer with who answers quickly.  What does it look like outside?”  Samantha Self said, “It is partly sunny and partly overcast.  It keeps trying to rain, but the wind keeps moving the clouds away.”  Her mother said, “Start to talk to me in the morning between 7:30 and 8 before I go to work, and you’ll get more comfortable talking, okay?” “Great.” Samantha Self said.

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