As Gods we need to fine tune our people-moving skills. § “You are not a problem ever!” § “You I want to meet, so lets make a date for a life.” § “You need to get your own stuff and stop playing with mine.”

And as Gods how about us? How do we get to the places and things that we want? § “I want to be there as a kid.” § “I want to be there as a Casanova.” § “I want to cross-dress for the universal ball.”

And as Gods if you aren’t impressed by the options available, how can you create a world of your own inside and out? § “Where do I apply for contingent divine backing for a trial run? I don’t know, I’m a new creator — I might not be that great. My wife says I’m okay, but I know there is a rocket-man in me waiting to grow.” § “I want to learn to be a lover beyond compare. They say it is all in your head, but I want to learn the moves that make people swoon.” § “I want to have a planet of my own, and grow my own plants and people. Maybe I can grow people from plants, and when they are ready, they can pick up their roots and walk away. Breeding could be weird — they won’t know whether to cross-pollinate or make a date.”

And as Gods for those of us who think we are chosen, how do we become transcendent?  § “Most of the God mentors died in horrific work-related accidents. They don’t recommend it as a life option. But I think I have a lot to offer. I studied ethics and morality on the positive side, and when I kick back, I’m pretty annoying. I think you have to have both.”

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