War of the Spoons.

The other morning as I was making breakfast for the kids and argument broke out.

This is not uncommon in our house all the kids are 2 years apart so they tend to bug each other. I have heard all sorts of arguing. They have fussed at each other about who goes first up the stairs and who goes first down the stairs. Who gets their plate first. Who leaves first. There has been yelling about who is “looking out MY window.” And it’s “not fairs” about choice of cartoons.

But on this particular morning, they began a very serious argument over whose spoon was bigger than whose.

Now I know to me and you this is so silly. But, for some reason when you’re between the ages of 3-8 this is a critical issue.

So I am standing in the kitchen in my Pawleys Island Student Ministries t-shirt at 6:45 am. With one eye open, begging God to speed the coffee through my veins so my other eye will open and holding 3 spoons in the air to “prove” to my beloved off-spring that yes, all of you have the same stinkin’ spoon. And I think to myself, I am a mildly bright person (aside from some math issues which we will discuss later) I could be in a business suit, sipping a latte, jetting off to Paris for a meeting. Instead I am standing in the kitchen proving to kids who can’t even vote yet that I am not “tricking” them about spoons!!!

What I really want to do is bonk them on the head with the spoons. Then a little thought creeps into my head….

Some day the arguments will involve car keys, cell phones and whose turn it is to mow the lawn.

The voices will be deeper and the kids will be taller. The fighting will be louder and make more sense, I hope.

Then, I will long for the days when the arguments were about whose turn is it for a big push on the swing. When that day comes, I know I will be thankful that I kept my crusty t-shirt and didn’t trade it in for a business suit.

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