I pray this for each of my children.

Dear Jesus,

 Please keep them safe. Guard their hearts and protect them from the one who seeks to destroy them. Bring people into their lives who will lift them up. May they seek you out for themselves and question who you are. I pray they find the answers they seek. I want them to know the fullness of You and in turn know the fullness of themselves. I pray that I love them as you love them. That I see their flaws and weakness and know Your ways of correction for each of them. I want to forgive them as you forgive me, without question and without holding a grudge.

I pray that when they are standing deep in the valley that they raise their arms to You and wait for You to bring them out. And when they reach the mountain top they will praise Your name. I want them to have Your heart. To seek out the afflicted and forgotten. To know in the depths of their soul Your truth. Please Heavenly Father guide and direct their steps. Thank you for trusting me with the task of raising men and women of God.  Search me. Guide me. Know me. 


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