Happy Kids?

“I just want my kids to be happy.” That is the dumbest statement ever!

What if they were happy living in a van down by the river? That’s not what I want for them. What if they are happy living on welfare? That’s not a definition of success.

Let’s tell the truth, we want our kids to be a least 50% better off than we are. We all want our kids to be at least 50% smarter, wealthier and 50% better looking. Why can’t we just admit it? I want my kids to never want for anything. I never want them to suffer. I want them to ALWAYS be happy. I know that they hold the power to have all that they want and I do just want them to be happy.

But lets face it I need them to make the big bucks. I except a FULL refund on all the braces, allowances and gas money I will be shelling out. And if I decide to get real nit picky I could charge for all the driving around and late nights with fevers. All the tantrums in public and time outs I had to spend putting them BACK in the corner. I could charge for the lectures I’ve given and the boyfriends/girlfriends I will have to endure. 

Oh and lets not forget all the Mother’s Day gifts that have involved glitter, glue and some kind of pasta. I could make a fortune off my kids who all are destined to become Doctor/Dentists/Lawyers/Pilots/Millionaires. I mean how else am I going to afford to retire? 

Times are tough…. Otherwise I’ll be living in a van down by the river and I won’t be happy!

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