What Else Is There?


Restaurant, movies…Movies, restaurant…
Is that all that is left out of the “dating scenery”?

Let’s add some spiciness to dating. Literally.

There is local cuisine restaurant but across the street there is one with foreign flavors and why not?

Try some Turkish kebabs at Istanbul Restaurant or French frog legs at Mon Ami Gabi or Moroccan couscous at Andalous or Ethiopian wot at Ras Dashen. It’s equally good for an outdoorsy type of girl as well as for a spa woman.

If you don’t care for food, a good billiard game at Pressure Billiard & Cafe or Chicago Billiard Cafe would be a good place to relax. A healthy competition is always fun, besides it does require helping the partner out and doesn’t affect her nails. Bowling, that’s a different story. Manicures, beware! Just in case she is eager to play it, try 10 pin bowling.

Summer or Winter in Chicago.

Winter, take her ice-skating at: McFetridge Sports Center; McKinley Park; Midway Plaisance Park, they all open around December and close around February. Not to sure about ice-skating but a good laugh definitely.

Missed the season than jet-skiing is the answer. Just check out some of the rentals boutiques alongside Chicago harbor. Or maybe try out golf together, or just teach her if you are a pro.

To slow it down.
Doesn’t mean it should get boring.

Of course shows do sound interesting, but watching a good boll game is ten times better, wrong turn here, unless she is a fan also.
Where was I, tickets to theaters and concerts, can be easily found online. I love the internet!

Museums, galleries, aquariums, shouldn’t be avoided. It’s all meant not just to entertain but also to enlighten, yeah right, it’s all meant to make that bond!

Why limit oneself to the typical movie + restaurant night out?!

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