Some Spring trends in a nutshell.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for spring-2011-fashion-trends-orange-3.jpg After going through numerous fashion magazines and window shopping through various boutiques and shops here in Chicago,fashion trends for Spring are in full force(although the weather is still playing catch-up).
And most of them all seem to share a common theme as to what is in this season. Here are some trends in a nutshell,think of this as a cheat sheet:
Stripes: Stripes are definitely in this season,and not just your typical navy blue either.They are trending in all kinds of colors,including brown,red,and black.
Beige,Nude,Brown: This palette is still around. Spruce up a white wardrobe(also in season) with a belt and heels in these colors.
Wide leg trousers/jeans: Just in time as the winter snow has melted away,it’s time to bust these out with a pair of wedges,another trend this season.
Florals/brights: Dresses especially seem to be utilizing the floral trend,which is typical this time of year. Pictured above is also a great bright trend color which is Coral or Orange,which goes great with white wide leg trousers,three trends in one!
There you have it,some trends in summary to get your Spring wardrobe jump started for this season. Now if the weather would actually reflect Spring-hang in there!

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