Lululemon offers complimentary classes.

Yoga is a great alternative to other workout regimes. It’s a great stress reliever and can give you energy and flexibility as it focuses on mind,body and soul.

So you say you want to get into Yoga but not sure if it’s for you? Sure,there are many studios throughout the city that can offer you a trial run before you join a membership,or you may not have the dough right now to sign up for Yoga classes.

Lululemon, a boutique store that sells Yoga clothing,offers complimentary classes on weekends and sometimes even during the week. What is great about these classes are that every month,a different studio hosts the class and it can give you a better idea on which Yoga Studio is for you. Also, another plus is that they offer discounts for first-time users that want to sign up for a membership. 
Most of the classes offered are on weekends but depending on location,sometimes offer classes during the week as well. Mats are provided! This is also a great alternative for those on a budget,or don’t want to invest the time and money on a membership that you may or may not be able to commit to-signing up is not required. 
For class schedule and locations nearest you,go to

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