Where to find fine teas at posh restaurants in the 312

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For tea aficionados, there’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that a nice restaurant doesn’t serve tea.

And the next worse thing is when the server brings out a little
teapot of water, a cup and saucer, and the ubiquitous tea bag box
presented like a coveted award, the bags arranged by bright color.

Bleh. $4 for a tea bag?! You may as well just bring your own bag and ask for hot water.

But fret not. Here are a handful of places where I’ve encountered
loose leaf tea in recent months at spots within the 312 area code:


1723 North Halsted


I particularly enjoyed their mint tea. It’s quite refreshing after a
17 course meal. I’ve also heard great things about their ginger tea.


123 North Jefferson


They serve a select assortment of black, green, and herbals.  

Graham Elliot

217 West Huron


I think this was where I first tried lemon meritage. It helped wash
down the sinfully tasty truffle and parmesan popcorn served before the


2119 South Halsted


Nothing goes better with their delicious desserts than a smooth cup of tea. Nightwood uses locally-produced ingredients.


3267 South Halsted


Nana serves Metropolis loose leaf teas to go with dishes made from mostly-organic, locally produced ingredients.

For more info about drinking tea in Chicago (including places beyond the 312 area code), please check out my book, All the Tea in Chicago.

Where are your favorite places to drink tea in Chicago?

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