Pretty as a June Bug

the savviest of shoppers can have a closet full of mishmash and
accessories that give the silent treatment. Lacking any sort of fashion
rapport, new purchases are often set aside in frustration.
Unfortunately, there’s no 12-step program; however, simple optimism is
all you need to spark your efforts to dress. 

A Sashay woman identifies, understands and engages. The rule of thumb? Listen to your instincts and have confidence in your decisions. Experiment with the pieces you have. As a Sashay woman,
the bohemian fashion style characterizes who you are; so mix and match
the new with the old! Remember, vintage is our friend. The over-sized
classics, patterns and lace are all included in a simple formula to help
you be yourself, to accent your character. Be intrigued and don’t
forget to add those unconventional finishing touches that make the
look independently you.  

Survey your closet as a whole. Ask
yourself, “How do these items reflect who I am?” Identify what
particular details you like. Is it the fine fabrics you are attracted
to? Or is it the nostalgia of summers past and the carefree feeling the
garment implies? Are you attracted to a particular color, texture or
pattern? Evaluate to determine how you can re-invent or integrate
forgotten items into your daily attire.

Take advantage
and experiment. Chicago has a lot to offer in the line of unconventional
shops, boutiques and hidden hot spots. Attending vintage clothing
shows, scouring consignment stores and even visiting your grandmother’s
attic are all ways to find items that will add interest and finalize an
outfit. The Chicagoland Vintage Clothing and Jewelry Show in Elgin, IL,
is February 25-26 at the Hemmens Cultural Center. With two full
floors of vintage fashion exhibitors, you’ll find a variety of items
to create a look you’ll love.
Velvet, lace,
gems, crystal or even fringe–the bohemian fashion style is
characterized by adding more. With practice, you’ll have a style that
you recognize, and a closet that is as “Pretty as a June Bug.” Visit to discover
an array of fashionistas who’ve mastered the connection between
garment, accessory, spirit and self. And just remember, it’s about
identifying with who you are. If you select right, you can have that
enviable look.

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