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Overcrowding in Emergency Rooms and Telephone Triage

Crowding in an emergency room is as it sounds: the ER is crowded with too many patients. Common causes include:  Increased number of uninsured that are waiting longer to seek medical care, and are sicker when they seek care, requiring more medical care Increase in population Reduction in the number of ERs An aging population... Read more »

Living and Coping with Arthritis

Arthritis pain can be frustrating. Nagging and crippling arthritis pain can continue day after day. How much happier would you be if you could stop your arthritis pain right now and feel great all day? Knowing the nature of the disease can really bring you the right answers. What is arthritis? Arthritis comprises over 100... Read more »

A cure for insomnia?!

 An insomnia cure. Hmm… Before we go for a cure it may be a good idea to try and know our enemy. What are our signs and symptons. What type of Insomnia do we have. Perhaps a working definition would be helpful. The experts seem to agree that something along these lines would suit. “Insomnia”... Read more »

Where to find fine teas at posh restaurants in the 312

For tea aficionados, there’s nothing more disappointing than discovering that a nice restaurant doesn’t serve tea. And the next worse thing is when the server brings out a little teapot of water, a cup and saucer, and the ubiquitous tea bag box presented like a coveted award, the bags arranged by bright color. Bleh. $4 for a tea... Read more »

The ABC's of Telephone Triage Services

Telephone triage is more than answering health questions.  Telephone triage nurses must be able to assess a client’s health concerns without the advantage of visual inspection or face-to-face interaction.  Nurses must rely on their communication skills, knowledge of disease processes, and normal growth and development for all age groups in order to ascertain an accurate... Read more »

What is a nurse triage service?

A nurse triage service can be an invaluable service for a doctor’s office or a specialized practice. Contrary to popular belief, telephone triage nurses do much more than just answer health questions over the phone. Telephone triage nurses must be able to assess a client’s health concerns without the benefit of face-to-face interaction, or the... Read more »

The benefits of Telephone Triage

There will always be situations in which people need medical advice but cannot get in to see or get in contact with a doctor. This might be due to living in a rural area, having no automobile, living without insurance, or simply having a problem during the middle of the night. A nurse telephone triage... Read more »

Lung Cancer Symptoms

In approximately 25% of people with lung cancer, there are no symptoms and the cancer is detected during screening or a routine physical examination. However, in three-quarters of lung cancer patients there are warning symptoms and signs that can alert the patient or their physician. Most commonly, lung cancer patients experience respiratory symptoms such as... Read more »

Cystic Fibrosis Treatments

Cystic fibrosis, which affects 30,000 American children and adults, is a multisystem disease caused by a defective gene. Presently only symptomatic management is possible, but there are very promising gene-therapy trials under way. In the respiratory system the thin mucus lining becomes thick and sticky. In cystic fibrosis management, the primary treatment of the system... Read more »

8 Chinese restaurants to welcome in the Year of the Rabbit

Year of the Rabbit lucky money envelopes If you’re like me and missed the Chinese New Year parade last weekend, fret not. Chicago has a slew of fun Chinese restaurants in which to usher in the Year of the Rabbit. Here are my top 8 (which is a lucky number in China and means you’ll... Read more »