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Delicatessen in Downtown Lemont

Located on Canal Street two blocks south of Main Street in historic downtown Lemont, Sweetwater Deli is a family-owned market and delicatessen that offers a broad selection of fresh, high quality items, including breads and produce, as well as giardineras, oils, sauces and more. Our deli is stocked with a delicious assortment of luncheon meats,... Read more »

Men and No to SEX?!

“Darling, not tonight, I have a headache!”“Honey, please. I have to wake up early in the morning?!”“Babe, I don’t feel like it tonight!”“You need to earn that!” That is a definite NO NO.You hear that from the woman next to you, either the pillow or the bathroom will become your partner for that night. Women... Read more »

Is City Living Possible For Families?

This will be my fifth year living in the city of Chicago. It has its cons(high taxes, increased parking meters,crime,limited parking,and the highest gas prices in the US) but its pros outweigh them-wonderful parks, restaurants, museums,a variety of shops to choose from,a convenient public transportation system,and a very diverse ethnic scene. Now comes the critical... Read more »

Mad Science & Adoption Insanities

This is a poem type creation, I made, to express how I felt soon after realizing I wasn’t destined to have a relationship with my biological family. Enjoy —the Overview— Once in a while scientists make an amazing break through that alters the course of Human history. Once in a while there are moments that... Read more »

Such is Life - the Insanity of being Adopted

For the last couple years I’ve had something completely amazing in my Life, something I’ve never had before. Biological family; Biological family; Brothers, sisters, Mothers, cousins and more. People I could look at and know that they’re of my blood. I did not foresee the troubled waters frothing just ahead, out of sight and out... Read more »

Accessorize Like a Pro!

Everyone likes being surrounded by things that they love. The accessories you choose to complement your home furnishings can personalize your space and bring it to life and you don’t need an interior design degree to get great-looking results! Check out these tips for adding color, texture and dimension to your favorite room. Like getting... Read more »

Pretty as a June Bug

Even the savviest of shoppers can have a closet full of mishmash and accessories that give the silent treatment. Lacking any sort of fashion rapport, new purchases are often set aside in frustration. Unfortunately, there’s no 12-step program; however, simple optimism is all you need to spark your efforts to dress.  A Sashay woman identifies, understands and engages. The rule of thumb?... Read more »

Where the dating energy spikes

Though the answer to the question, where to find a date on the weekend? Won’t be too fascinating, it will still be clubs and bars. It remains to be one of the most popular places to find a date, even in this era of technological progress. Too bad the ghost tracking devices from the movie... Read more »

Sashay to the Green Festival

Chicago Green Festival May 14-15, 2011 at McCormick Place. Being a Sashay woman means that you are an individual, unique and unafraid to be yourself. That being said, the bond we share as Sashay women is that we love green–energized with being eco-friendly and a love for the environment! In 2010, Sashay Magazine had the... Read more »