Men and No to SEX?!


“Darling, not tonight, I have a headache!”
“Honey, please. I have to wake up early in the morning?!”
“Babe, I don’t feel like it tonight!”
“You need to earn that!”

That is a definite NO NO.
You hear that from the woman next to you, either the pillow or the bathroom will become your partner for that night. Women usually have a good reason to avoid sex, what about men, do they ever say NO, or the instincts are to guide them?
Apparently there is one fact to be taken into consideration, when talking about that delicate matter. Is he involved in a relationship (married, dating) or single.

Supposing he is married and married men have a commitment before GOD, basically they gave up the right to say NO, but what happens when he gets stuck in the office and that overtime and that boss and the wife or girlfriend makes you want to jump off the top of the Sears tower… Yup I wouldn’t blame you for a NO!
That means exhaustion is to be considered when speaking about SEX.

What if the guy is single and there is that HOT co-worker that he finally decided to approach and they ended up at his place, but add to all that all of the above the overtime, the boss, the stress… It doesn’t matter how HOT and how badly he wants the woman, your “mini me” will say NO for you. (the story that happened to one of my  friends)

Men, love with their eyes… Boy that’s true!
And that would affect their choice whether to say NO or YES.
An unattractive woman has lesser chance in hooking up, that’s why the tendency to work out, adding “plastic” and “ironing” the wrinkles and I’m not talking about “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” staff, it’s just SEX. I know, I know…the bag or alcohol, try making a girl putting a bag on her face.

I once read an article about a guy trying to hook up and when he finally found the suitable girl, he got turned of, apparently the girl had a bad breath. Poor hygiene, another factor to be added to the list, unless of course the man has poor hygiene himself.

The last reason.
He is in love with his wife or girlfriend, that he won’t see anyone else around him. That’s when he would say NO.

This article is not meant to harm any women out there, it was just a review of cases when a man is eager to say NO to SEX.

P.S. A man would never say NO?! Rewind!

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