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20 Best Uses of the New Facebook Profile

Facebook recently revamped the profile layout; it all seemed tame enough at first, but then some artistically innovative users started having fun with it. Then they started having fun with their friends’ profiles too (some are a bit more NSFW than others). Here are 20 examples of the best uses (and abuses) of the new... Read more »

18 of the Most Expensive Exotic Pets

So you already have a dog, a cat, and a goldfish. Maybe you’re just not easily impressed, but it doesn’t mean your regular pets are any less adorable if you start to develop an eye for the exotic. Here are 18 of the most expensive exotic pets from around the world — just make sure... Read more »

20 Self-Pic Photoshop Disasters

Between MySpace angles and Photoshop, girls on the Internet think they can get away with anything. Bigger boobs? Go for it. Slimmer tummy and thighs? Check. No one will notice, right? WRONG. Here are 20 of the biggest self-pic Photoshop fails we could find.

30 Gems from the Best of Craigslist

Oh, Craigslist, there are no words. Thank you for providing an evening of entertainment while scouring your “best of” section. That is all.