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20 Creepy Beauty Pageant Kids

Beauty pageants used to be exclusive to grown women, but somewhere along the line, somebody had the bright idea to include little girls, too. In the early days, child beauty pageants were innocent, only requiring a simple silk hair bow and an age-appropriate party dress to compete. These days, little pageant girls are forced to... Read more »

28 Instances of Grammar Nazi Intervention

The world would be amiss if it weren’t for the much-hated, always outspoken Grammar Nazi. Entire offices would run amok, restaurants would try to sell children, and apartment buildings would likely erupt into violence on a weekly basis — all because bad grammar was allowed to stand uncorrected. Here are 28 of the greatest examples... Read more »

15 Desserts that Could Replace the Trendy Cupcake

We love cupcakes, but why should we let them hog the stage when there are so many other amazing — and often times tastier — desserts out there? Well, it’s about time that something else stomps the hugely trendy cupcake, and we have 15 tasty options lined up for you.

22 Common Southern Mispronunciations

I’m from the south, and don’t mind making fun of it. The people are nice, usually polite and very laid-back for the most part. But… sometimes they get a little lazy while they’re talking. Although southern accents can be quite charming, they can also sound like a foreign language at times if you are not... Read more »

20 of the Weirdest Canned Foods

Happy 200th Birthday to the can! In the early 19th century, Frenchman Nicholas Appert discovered a revolutionary way to preserve foods by using boiling water to force out air in glass bottles, and sealing the contents. Soon his method was adapted with tin cans, and on August 25, 1810 Peter Durand received the first patent... Read more »