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15 Crazy Car Air Conditioners

Is it hot enough for you? These drivers obviously weren’t satisfied with the performance (or, more likely, non-performance) of their vehicles’ air conditioners, so they have fitted them with residential window unit ACs. When we saw the first of these, we thought it was just one weirdo, but to our surprise this seems to be... Read more »

25 Wrecked Exotic Cars (and Egos)

Exotic cars aren’t your typical luxury ride, and they’re certainly not the standard Chevy Mustang. They’re prized possessions, technologically and aesthetically refined to the point that they become objects of desire for the masses, whether they can ever hope to afford one or not. There are people who can afford exotic cars, but some of... Read more »

20 of the Weirdest Baby Products

There have been more ridiculous, inane, and useless baby products over the decades than we could ever hope to count, but here we tried to find more recent examples of the phenomenon. These are the 20 weirdest baby products out there today, and while some are tempting, you should probably stop and consider what you’re... Read more »