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55 Ultimate Parking Lot Jerks

55 Ultimate Parking Lot Jerks
Anybody who’s ever driven has experienced the parking-lot asshole. He’s the guy who parks his $40,000 car like it cost him $4,000,000. He’s the guy who rams his Dodge Neon into the 5 feet of space left to the side of your well-parked car. Everyone hates a parking-lot asshole, and these are 55 examples of... Read more »

25 Unique Signs for When You Gotta Go

So many times restroom signs are the plain and generic male and female silhouettes, but what’s the fun in that? You don’t have to be into toilet humor to smile at these unique public restroom signs.

32 Animals Beating the Heat

It’s summertime, and we’re not the only ones busy trying to stay cool. These animals felt the temperatures rising and decided to chill out for a little while too. Here are 32 examples of how the animal world beats the heat.

How to Tell If Your Friend Has Had Way Too Much to Drink

In the U.S., this weekend is synonymous with PARTY. And we all know what that means — the alcohol will flow freely. Here are some visual cues you can look for to tell if someone you’re partying with may have crossed the line. If you don’t see anyone like this, find a mirror, it might... Read more »