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35 Pictures That Demand Explanation

For better or for worse, the Internet exposes us to a multitude of things that we otherwise might never see. These photos leave us scratching our heads and wondering exactly WTF was going on when the shot was snapped. Some seemingly have no plausible explanation, while others give us enough clues to take a guess.... Read more »

23 Wacky Wedding Announcements

They're smiling, but she knows how he really feels.
It’s that time of year again. If you haven’t been trapped into going to any weddings yet this year, count yourself lucky. Here are 23 couples whose funny wedding announcements caused a lot of double-takes. Whether slightly on purpose, or totally intentional, these announcements take the (wedding) cake.

23 Things that Irrationally and Hilariously Terrify Children

The blank staring eyes and clunky, jerky movements of these things are like a nightmare come to life.
As kids, most of the things we were all afraid of were imaginary or completely harmless. The fact that there was no rational reason to be terrified of these things didn’t matter, we were still petrified. As adults, it can be absolutely hilarious to see children temporarily startled by something for absolutely no reason. We’re... Read more »

42 Killer PC Computer Case Mods

You don’t have to live with that plain, boring PC computer case. Hardcore fans of most anything and everything have used their imagination, skill and resources to create amazing case mods. Whether it’s a favorite character, game, beverage or hobby, the owners of these PCs have totally tricked out their cases as a tribute to... Read more »

36 Truly Regrettable Tattoos

36 Truly Regrettable Tattoos
Tattoos have always been a way people have chosen to express themselves. Sadly though, some people choose to decorate their skin in this permanent way without fully thinking it through first — or checking the spelling and grammar. Thankfully, today there are tattoo removal options, and we have to wonder how many of these people... Read more »