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14 Ridiculously Ugly Rugs Owned By People with Extremely Poor Taste

Home decor is a highly personal thing. Part of the fun (possibly the only fun) in moving is that you have a clean slate to decorate however you wish. If you want to buy an absurdly ugly rug, go right ahead. You’re the one who has to live with it. The only thing I can... Read more »

65 Embarrassingly Bad Product Names

We each will buy many products in our lifetime. Many times packaging, marketing and advertising will make a difference in which brand we choose to purchase. However, even before a product is manufactured, wrapped up and shipped out, it has to have a name. The moment the product is given a name, a crucial marketing... Read more »

43 Things Totally Ruined by Dogs

You should get a dog. Dogs are great, aren’t they? They’re man’s best friend, loyal and true and all that… when you’re around. However, when you’re gone, it’s a totally different story. It’s boring without you. A lot of these dogs missed their people or just got bored while they were left alone and things... Read more »

33 Pictures Caught at Exactly the Right Moment

Zoom, click, flash – and with that, through luck or skill of the photographer, sometimes an image is captured at just the right second. Here are 33 pictures caught at the perfect moment. 43 Things That Dogs Ruin Miss USA pics: Scandalous or brilliant marketing? Chicago’s Hottest Nightclub Girls