New ChicagoNow blog: The Lavender Menace

The L-Word, and ChicagoNow’s The L-Blog, are gone. seems to be dead. Time Out Chicago‘s Gay & Lesbian section is great, but not if you’re looking for all lesbian, all the time. What’s a Chicago dyke to do?

Follow the Sapphic Compass Rose to Kate Carolan‘s new ChicagoNow blog, The Lavender Menace.


Interested in learning more about how this blog came to be? Kate says:

The history of the term “Lavender Menace” dates back to the 70s when
Betty Friedan used the term to describe the lesbians who were part of
the feminist movement. It’s interesting because lots of people use
“lesbian” and “feminist” interchangeably to the dismay of straight
feminists. People likely jump to this association because lesbians
were so integral to and a visible part of the movement. But in
reality, lesbians were marginalized in the second wave of feminism much
the same way that Black women were during the women’s suffrage movement.

It’s relevant here in Chicago because I feel that Chicago’s a
phenomenal city for being gay.  However, I still feel that while
lesbians here suffer all the disadvantages of being gay, they don’t
fully enjoy the same benefits as the gay men. Once again, the lesbians
are fighting for their niche. Lesbians were just as much a part of
building Boystown as the men were. But right now, the historically
identified lesbian neighborhood, Andersonville, is teeming with
straight people and gay men. The last dedicated lesbian bar, Stargaze,
just closed on New Years Eve.
We’re losing our foothold here!

That said, I’ve always enjoyed building community and speaking my
mind. I’m happy to do both to unite the Chicago lesbian community and
to create spaces for women here–even if we have to guerrilla some
bars to do it!

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