New blog: Ay Mama! launches

Please welcome the authors of our newest “mommy blog” to ChicagoNow. Together, Ana Belaval, Nina Goyco, Laura Lutarewych, Kelley McCarron, and Lisa Witek make up the blog “Ay Mama!” All from vastly different backgrounds, the ladies of “Ay Mama!” have come together to share the trials and tribulations of motherhood. 

They have vowed to bring the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to sharing the grueling (and great) details of their lives. Whether it’s transitioning from being a full time career woman to full time mama, figuring out how young is too young to enroll their kiddos in gymnastics, and putting up with tantrums from their (sometimes sweet) angels.
So stop by “Ay Mama!” and welcome ChicagoNow’s newest bloggers. They will be sure to entertain and amaze you with the stories that ensue. 

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