Go green with Gardening Nude


Ever wonder what it’s like to garden nude?

Shawna Coronado‘s blog,Gardening Nude, might just answer that question. It’s the latest addition to the ChicagoNow community.

Okay, now for the secret: Gardening Nude isn’t about what you think.

Shawna’s blog serves as a resource for anyone ready to live a
green style and, metaphorically speaking, garden nude.
A veteran blogger, Shawna is the author of the book Gardening Nude, a guide to living green. She is also the CEO of The Casual Gardener
and MAD 4 World Enterprises, a newspaper columnist, energetic public
speaker and environmental and health correspondent with over eighteen
years of experience with sales, marketing, and public relations.

Please welcome Shawna to ChicagoNow, and follow her on Twitter.
She’s grown an amazing community of people both locally and nationally
who believe that living green is the only way for our planet will survive. We are grateful to have her blogging with us.


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  • Thanks for the great support Alicia. I'm honored to be on board with a great team!

    Best wishes,

    Shawna Coronado

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