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Go green with Gardening Nude

Ever wonder what it’s like to garden nude? Shawna Coronado‘s blog,Gardening Nude, might just answer that question. It’s the latest addition to the ChicagoNow community. Okay, now for the secret: Gardening Nude isn’t about what you think. Shawna’s blog serves as a resource for anyone ready to live a green style and, metaphorically speaking, garden... Read more »

On the Road launches

Please welcome our newest blogger to the site, Kirk Bell. Kirk will be writing the auto blog, On the Road. His blog will cover all things car related as they apply to Chicagoans. He brings with him a vast knowledge of the auto industry as both a writer and enthusiast. Wondering if that new Audi... Read more »

Santa goes sexy

Every year celebs debut sexy Santa outfits, from the Victoria’s Secret Angels runway show to Lindsay Lohan in ‘Mean Girls.’ This year Westfields, a British department store, celebrated the Christmas season in the sexiest way possible, an adults only grotto, complete with scantily clad models and mistletoe. Weird and fun stuff from all over:

Ranking the Disney princesses

Everyone loves a Disney Princess. They start out as the underdog, and always prevail, winning the heart of Prince Charming. But some are cooler than others. We decided to call out cheaters like Princess Aurora (who sleeps through most of her own movie). Related:‘The Princess and the Frog’ premiere Weird and fun stuff from all... Read more »

Hilarious holiday greeting cards

Forget the niceties this holiday season- we think these snarky greetings are way more fun. Check out the gallery below for cards that will end you up on somebody’s naughty list… In a good way!

Christmas Villains

You would think Christmas spirit is an idea we can all get behind. Not the case for these “evil doers.” The following characters have made it their personal mission to wreak havoc on Christmas. Weird and fun stuff from all over:

Blog Launch

I’d like to introduce our 151st blog to the ChicagoNow blogosphere. Please welcome small business blogger, Barry Moltz. Moltz will be lending his expertise to the blog “It’s a Small Business World.” His blog will cover all aspects of small business in hopes of not only guiding small business owners, but also helping those outside... Read more »

14 celebrity prenuptials: The good, the bad and the just plain odd

Share Court side seats to the Lakers? Check. Million-dollar penalties for “transgression?” Tiger’s dalliances have shed light again on the intriguing world of celebrity prenuptials. Here we present some of the most intriguing.

10 toys that will break by December 26th

We’ve all been there. Excited to open the presents under the tree on Christmas morning, only to realize that half the stuff you got will be lost or broken before the end of the day. Forget show- and-tell next Monday at school, these gifts won’t even make it to the 26th.

New blog launches

Please welcome our newest blog to the ChicagoNow community, “You Are What You Drive.” Written by Tim Healey, our newest addition is an auto blog focused on Chicago’s drivers. Healey is an expert in the field, a former editor and current free lancer, he knows the ins and outs of driving in this great city.... Read more »