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Foodies! I found some new, fabulous things today I thought I’d share:


First, I was introduced today to CakeWrecks, which is exactly what it sounds like: cakes gone “horribly, hilariously wrong”. That includes the, um, naked mole rat cake, the Bud Lite can cake topper, and the cake with Wiggles the modesty car.

Moving on: File this one on your equivalent of a bucket list, folks: The 50 best foods in the world and where to eat them. While traveling around, though, do bear these 10 weird food laws in mind.

Urlesque brings us the top 11 weirdest burgers, which includes “ground beef font”, in case you were positively dying to find that. And, the 10 weirdest pizza toppings offers us the dish on the $1,000 pizza.

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