Five cookbook fails

Nevermind what I was Googling when I came across this, but the fact remains that just a moment ago, as a result of a Google search, I came across a recipe for Tuna Twinkie Souffle. Someone, somewhere, thinks that is delicious. And, it’s part of a cookbook. Oh my. But, there is plenty more where that came from, as I discovered on a recent title-mining expedition into Bookfail. So many titles in fact, that it’s worthy of a list.


The Testicle Cookbook: Cooking with Balls
by Ljubomir Erovic

Yeah, there’s not much to say about this one. It is exactly what it says it is. I wonder how their recipes compare to Food Fight‘s rocky mountain oysters….? The book includes recipes for testicle pizza, testicle goulash and testicles in white wine.
Written by Serbian testicles chef, Ljubomir Erovic. Also available in


White Trash Cooking
by Earnest M. Mickler

With recipes like “Tutti’s fruited porkettes” and “chicken feet and rice”, White Track Cooking is a fine book with a fine cover. Some of the recipes are actually quite good (fried okra, homemade macaroni and cheese and the like) and the portrait of life in a small Mississippi town is rather endearing. But, then recipes like “hand-me-down oven-baked possum” pop up and it must stay firmly filed under “omg”.


Star Trek Cookbook
by Ethan Phillips

Oh uber-fans? You’re going to love this. From the publisher: “vaults of interstellar haute cuisine, revealing for the first time the
secret preparation techniques behind all those exotic dishes and
drinks. The favorite foods of characters from every Star Trek series and movie are here, all adapted for easy use in twentieth-century kitchens. The Star Trek Cookbook also features a complete guide for whipping up the all the drinks served at Quark’s.”


Cooking with a Serial Killer: Recipes from Dorothea Puente
by Shane Bugbee

Serial killer Puente was apparently one hell of a cook at the boarding house she ran in Sacramento. Except for when she, you know, killed her guests and buried them in the yard. Pssh. Details, details.

In any event, if you can overlook that whole serial killer thing, the recipes are actually not half bad. But, I realize that’s a lot to overlook.


The Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan: Classic Diet Recipe Cards from the 1970s
by Wendy McClure

This book isn’t a fail at all, but rather is a compilations of terrifyingly awesome fails! Compiled by local author Wendy McClure, the book is a gem because of recipes and accompanying photographs like “Aspic-Glazed Lamb Loaf” and “Frankfurter Spectacular”, which both sound positively awful.

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  • Having been called white trash myself, I've always found the term offensive. But I have to agree that there are a few recipes I've seen in this book that are quite tasty. And while the name of the possum recipe sounds disgusting, it's not too far off from a recipe that Fannie Farmer published more than 100 years ago at a time when eating possum wasn't considered low-class.

    And having made a few dishes from the Amazing Mackerel Pudding Plan, I find it a wonder that Weight Watchers ever made it in the 70s without going bankrupt. Those dishes just aren't edible at all. I'd rather eat possum than most of them.

  • Holy Cow! Cooking with a Serial Killer? I actually have picked up a copy of "White Trash Cooking" and looked through it. It raised my cholesterol just holding the book. I do have a copy of a somewhat obscure cookbook, probably known only to those living in hurricane prone areas. "Apocolypse Chow - How to Eat Well When the Power Goes Out". It is acutally a pretty good book. And if everything ever goes to crap, at least I'll know how to eat well.. if I can find anything to eat.

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