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The glamor continues
Styled in Chicago brought us some extra behind-the scenes coverage of Macy’s Glamorama, with promise for some extra-extra behind-the-sceneage video to come soon.

Do it, wait or… do it then stop out of fear and confusion?

Sex In The Windy City asked us to consider another point about virginity after Garrard McClendon raised the issue, which brought on a slew on comments, including– and I’m going to let you go read them for yourself and guess which one– perhaps one of the funniest, oh-man-I-shouldn’t-be-laughing-this-loudly-in-the-office comments I’ve seen on ChicagoNow in a while, which is linked to an unreal Q&A.
Celebration of grubby hands
Speaking of irreverent, though,
in a completely different way: I love irreverent contests, or contests
celebrating the bad rather than the best. Or, the best of the bad,
anyway. So, imagine my delight when I saw this challenge on Mr. Brown Thumb seeking photos of the proverbial dirt manicure. Surely we can flood him with with our finest garden fingernails.

Week and weekend plans
Looking to the weekend and the week ahead: This weekend, Chicago has gone festival crazy as Metromix reports, with such events as  Bucktown Arts Festival, Randolph Street Market Festival and Taste of Greece, and On Ramp
made mention of part of my own plans for the week ahead– I’m involved
in Reading Under The Influence as a regular co-host, and I’m thrilled
to be part of the 50th Reading celebration,
at which On Ramp’s Ramsin Canon is a featured guest, along with J.
Adams Oaks, whom I mentioned over on Chicagio Subtext just today.

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