How to, um, throw a knife (and other impressive skills!)


I’m a sucker for a good how-to post. Especially when said how-to is for something  I’m not likely to ever need yet, somehow, get a kick out of knowing I could do if I felt so inclined. So imagine my delight when I saw Likehacker’s tutorial on how to throw a knife!

That, of course, inspired me to find other how-to posts to file under “you never know!” such as: how to escape from handcuffs, how to be a spy, how to, uh… make a viking shelter, whatever that may be, how to tie a cherry stem with you tongue, breathe fire, survive being taken hostage, make tight turns at high speeds in a car, and finally, how to stop a zombie outbreak.”Guaranteed” claims the post.

Am I looking out for you, or what?

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  • I love wikiHow! :D

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