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Chicago, God, A Russian with a Harmonica, and an Oxford Comma

God and I made a deal with each other when I was in Junior High: I accept that he doesn’t exist, and he/she/it only reminds me once in a blue moon in strange and unusual ways that my life can be fleeting. He/She/It was making himself/herself/itself known tonight in the form of a city wide... Read more »

On Shuffle - "Chicago Train" by The Besnard Lakes

As a frequent commuter on the Metra and L trains, it’s easy to get lost in a song called “Chicago Train” by The Besnard Lakes. On the Canadian group’s third album, The Besnard Lakes Are The Roaring Night, “Chicago Train” dances the old line between light and shade. Building around a collection of ambient orchestral... Read more »

On Shuffle - "Smothered In Kisses" by Box-O-Car

There’s a moment between the time you reach to turn off the radio or power down the iPod and the time it takes for those last few notes of a song to wash over your ears. Somehow, that song manages to stay with you until the next song comes around. For me, that song was... Read more »

Defiant and brutally honest: Five questions with Wade Bowen

The artists fronting the branch of Americana music based in Texas are notoriously stubborn. They write songs that don’t fit on radio and tell you they don’t care. Where they stand out is, they make you believe that. Nobody currently a part that genre presents himself to his fans more confidently than Wade Bowen, who... Read more »

Folks Stuck Around: Cody Canada & The Departed's Chicago Debut

Two things stand out from Friday night’s Chicago debut of Cody Canada and The Departed: 1. 480 people showed up at Joe’s Sports Bar. 2. About 470 of them stayed through the last song of the night. The second number is an educated guess, but it’s the more telling one. Canada has long been popular... Read more »

Chicago celebs in high school

We’ve gathered 18 high school yearbook photos of stars who grew up in the Chicago area. Can you figure out who they are?

New Sex and the Windy City blog: "Please ask, and do tell all"

After ChicagoNow Sex and the Windy City blogger Anna Pulley moved to San Francisco, we weren’t sure who would take her place.  And then we met Erin Keane. Please welcome her to ChicagoNow! Here’s an excerpt from her about page: A sassy 20-something lady, Erin has lived in Chicago for seven years, fleeing Michigan at... Read more »

What do an up-and-coming music diva, a blogger with food allergies and a single girl have in common?

ChicagoNow, the source for hyperlocal blogs, welcomes three new blogs onto the site: Becoming Nikki Lynette, Chicago Eats Allergy-Free and All The Single Ladies. Becoming Nikki LynetteEver wonder what it’s like to prepare for a music video shoot? How one artist uses Twitter to vent? Or what’s happening on YouTube at 4am? Up-and-coming music diva... Read more »

Art Talk Chicago launches beta version of comprehensive Chicago art spaces guide

Last Saturday night at the ChicagoNow blogger thank you party, Kathryn Born, Editor of the blog Art Talk Chicago, mentioned that her comprehensive art spaces map was finally ready. Boasting a full guide to every opening in the area, this Google map takes the hassle out of paging through at least six publications to get... Read more »

Tattoos, hair-dos and healthy eating on ChicagoNow

Today was a momentous day for yours truly, the Arts & Culture Community Manager. I had the pleasure of launching Fresh Ink: The Chicago Tattoo Blog, The Mane Attraction and Eat Right Around Chicago. Fresh Ink, written by Mia Jones of ChubbyJones.com and AfterEllen.com, is a blog open to every Chicagoan who wants to share... Read more »